Advantages to Having a Hanging Pot Holder Appliance

Curated article on the hand woven pot holder and its history. Includes videos showing how to get accustomed to a basic potholder loom kit, potholder loops and lace edged variations, and other pot holder loom details:

By G. Smitty

More and more people are living alone now, and as a result they find themselves living in a fairly small environment, the big family kitchens from their childhood is just not available in the small apartment. If they are in shared accommodation, the problem of space will be even worse, as roommates will want a share of the kitchen space. Using the wall or the ceiling to house some of the items you need saves space in cupboards and stops the cooker or working space being cluttered. As well as a practical solution, if you match the hanging pot holder with the d├ęcor of the kitchen, it will become an attractive extra.

Hanging holders are not a new invention, as you will find out if you visit many of the older stately homes in European Cities. The kitchens will have their many pots and pans suspended from holders, and as they are so clearly on view, it will have been the job of the kitchen maid to make sure they gleamed to the extent that you could see your reflection in them. This has always been a convenient way to have things close to hand and not packed away at the back of the cupboard. Who wants to be rummaging through years worth of collected items while you are looking for the one small pan you urgently need.

While we all want to keep our kitchens clean and free from unwanted visitors, there is always the possibility that the cold weather will bring mice indoors. It would be so easy for them to scurry through the cupboards and unbeknown to us walk all over our utensils. Unless they left droppings we would never know they had been there, whereas, if the item is free hanging pot holder, it would be much harder for them to get inside.

As with all items, prices vary as do the types and styles. For around $40 you would be able to buy a modern looking single bar rack that can easily hold six pans. If you wanted something that would really enhance your kitchen – providing you are lucky enough to have a big kitchen, $300 would buy you a much larger hand forged rack, that are also designed to hold game. As there may not be much call for that use, there would be no concerns regarding the weight of the pans placed on it.

As well as hanging pot holder hanging from the wall, it is possible to get them suspended from the ceilings. Some kitchens with large preparation areas, especially set up as a walk around base in the middle of the kitchen, have them hanging from all side of the base. An item like this would only be needed by the hardened and enthusiastic dinner party thrower, but would be a useful and elegant addition. For the reasons above, you can easily see the advantages of the hanging pot holder. The only thing to do now is to search for the most appropriate item on the web.

G. Smitty is a writer who loves to discuss many topics ranging from kitchen pot holder [] to professional basketball. Thanks for reading!

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